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Dr. Julie Brown

Our Administrative Consultant


I am Dr. Julie A. Brown. I am from Decatur Georgia and the 4th child of 5. Students call me Dr. B. I am a graduate of Avondale High School, the University of West Georgia, Loyola University New Orleans, and Walden University. I have also studied abroad at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and received two professional certifications in school leadership and English to speakers of other languages at the University of Georgia. I love to learn and to set goals for myself every day. I have degrees in Spanish, religion, and administrative leadership for teaching and learning. I am the only person of the 5 children in my family to receive a college degree. Want to know why? I listened to my parents and teachers, and I listened to the wisdom of friends God sent to guide me to his plan for my education.


I worked as a Spanish, English, and ESOL teacher for 17 years and an assistant principal and principal for 17 years. I retired from DeKalb schools a year ago and have worked part time since then. I am the mother of two dogs and the aunt of 32 nieces, nephews, and greats. I LOVE to travel and have done so internationally since I was 18. I am also a musician and use my voice, guitar, and planning to help us all pray. I like to research. I like to work in my yard and to do fun things with friends and family often. I want to be a part of anything that helps children be the best person God created them to be. That is why I want to be a part of helping the online academy start strong and watch you flourish.

Victoria Spratt


My name is Victoria Spratt. I have 17 years of teaching experience spread out over 27 years.  I love teaching and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to make a difference in your child's life and their learning journey.  I have taught a wide range of ages from 4 year olds in a private christian preschool to adults in a community college in England.  Teaching gives me joy!.

My main goal is to make learning about our beautiful Catholic faith interesting for everyone.  I truly believe the Catholic faith can be exciting and wonderful if taught in an engaging way!


Kim Donald

Our History/ Literature Teacher


Hi!  My name is Kim Donald.  I am from Henry County, Georgia.  I have lived here most of my life.  I have four children ages 9, 11, 16, and 19.  Three of my four children are from China.  I have traveled to China twice.  My daughter is from Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province which is in Central China and my two boys are from Southern China, Jiangxi Province, Shangrao City, and Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City. I know a limited amount of Mandarin. I have actually attended a Catholic Mass in China which was really a blessing.  The language spoken in Guangdong by locals is mostly Cantonese, however, the Mass was in both Cantonese and Mandarin. The 200 year old church also offered an English Mass. 


 I have been homeschooling for 7 plus years.  My oldest daughter, AnnaGrace, graduated in 2019. She is currently enrolled in Art school in Atlanta.  My two middle children, MaryAlice and Luke, are still being homeschooled. Luke will be attending Sacred Heart this year.  My baby, John, attends a local private school that works with children that have special needs.  We are parishioners of St. James Catholic Church in McDonough.  


I received my Bachelors degree in History, with a minor in Social Studies from Kennesaw State College in 1995.  I received my Masters in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum Design from Walden University in 2006.  I have taught history, literature, and art.  I have taught in public and private schools throughout my teaching career. Last year I had the opportunity to volunteer at John’s school and teach the children art.  It was an amazing opportunity to see the children learn to use the art tools in their little hands that had such a hard time even using a pencil.  I was blessed in so many ways watching them work in paint and clay.  God has blessed me with so many opportunities to work with children with so many different ways of learning and understanding information. Each time I become the student and learn so much from the children I am supposed to be teaching.  I am excited about the opportunity to teach at Sacred Heart and to have Luke experience a beautiful classical education with friends that embrace our faith. I believe that God has placed all of us together for His wonderful purpose.  Both of us are looking forward to this new school year!  Many blessings to all of you, Kim Donald

Shelley Sayre

Our Grammar/ Writing Teacher

I’m a nearly-native Atlantan, as my family moved to the area when I was just five.  Prior to that, we lived in a number of places while my father served in the Marine Corps, but we always referred to my father’s hometown of Lancaster, South Carolina as “home” when I was growing up, and it still feels that way to me. 

I attended Emory University in Atlanta and received a degree in English and earned my secondary teaching certificate.  I taught English in our local public high school until our first son was born. When our children were very young, I did some tutoring of homeschooled children as well as children attending brick and mortar schools. The homeschoolers I tutored inspired my husband and me to give homeschooling a try for our children.  We’ve never regretted it, and our four youngest children were completely educated at home. All of them have attended or currently attend Catholic colleges. 

I began working part-time as a teacher for an accredited Catholic distance program in 2005.  Eventually I transitioned to working for that same school as an academic consultant who assists enrolled families in adapting and utilizing the school’s Catholic, classical curriculum and then follows up with those families to oversee their implementation and to offer ongoing advice and support throughout the school year.  I love working with homeschooling parents and am so blessed to serve them in their commitment to educate their children.  I do miss some of the direct student contact that I had when teaching, however, and I am looking forward to working with the students at Sacred Heart. 

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