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            Catholic Georgia Homeschool Support Groups/Co-Ops

Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church Co-op - Kennesaw Area - Catholic Support Group - Priya Johnson -

Columbus area - Kim Anderson -

McDonough Area - Jenn Faas -

Torch - North Atlanta - Kim Baker -

Augusta Homeschool Group - Michelle Migone -

                 Catholic Georgia Homeschool Hybrids/ Co-op

Saint John the Baptist - A two day a week hybrid serving grades k-12 located in Cobb county.

Regina Caeli - A two day a week K-12 classical hybrid located in North Atlanta.

Saint John Bosco - A two day a week K-12 classical hybrid located in Cumming, Georgia
Sacred Heart Co-op - Southside (Tyrone, Fayetteville, Newnan) 
   Contact Kelly

Torch (Norcross Area) Kim Baker -

Sacred Heart Online Homeschool - Online Serves.

Judah Academy - Online Services - Based in Georgia

Experienced Homeschooling Mothers for a Quick Starting Point   
Nikki Hand - Homeschool mom of 5, many years.
Veronica Ruiz - Silvia V <>
Shelly Sayre - Mother of Divine Grace - shelleysayre <>
Kelly Powers - Kolbe -

                      Catholic Georgia Field Trip Ideas:
Monestary of the Holy Spirit - Tours, movie on history of monestary, bonasi gardens, picnic, liturgy of the hours.  

Shroud of Turin Exhibit: - Beautiful walk through tour of the history of the shroud, and science behind some conclusions.  Saint Brendan's the Navigator Catholic Church - Cumming -

First Catholic Georgia School - Washington, Ga - near Locus Grove - Newly restored, available for history tours, retreats.

Saint Francis De Sales -Mableton-  Priests will often offer tours and talks of the history of the Latin mass.  Great to encourage understanding of our roots, contemplative spirit and many devotions -

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